How we make wool


AusGolden prioritizes wool sourced from Poll Dorset sheep bred in Australia. These sheep produce wool of a specific fiber diameter and length, allowing it to be extremely consistent in density and straightness, making it better at absorbing and wicking moisture, as well as countering bacteria. The wool is carefully selected by professional equipment, where only the most suitable wool is sorted out, before they are processed and deemed fit for production


The production of wool selection is a meticulous process. First, wool is shorn from a live sheep or sheepskin. The wool contains grease and dirt from lanolin, so any unwashed or contaminated bits must be removed. After the dirt, dust and sand are removed, we have wool ready to be processed. Next. vegetable matter is broken down into carbon, baked, and then crushed into carbonized wool. Finally, the carbonized wool is now suitable to be used in our production process.


The carding process is meticulous and thorough. First, wool is graded, sorted, and classified, then the factory’s unique Double-Layer Purification System is utilized to remove all short wool fibers and residual dust. The usable wool undergoes a parallelization of the fibers, so that fiber clumps are disentangled. As natural wool fibers contain vastly different smoothness and length, 100% pure wool is particularly difficult to card. With the experience of its dedicated engineering team, we have adapted and improved upon existing conventional carding equipment and a variety of techniques, and have developed an innovative approach for this process. our advanced carding assembly line of German technology can output wool up to 280 kg/h.


We have the most outstanding team of quilting experts in Australia. Our factory is equipped with a multi-needle quilting machine production line from France, and seams stitching used by Drucker, Turkey. Along with a double-width conveyor belt, 2 quilts can be produced at the same time, with up to one quilt every 25 seconds. In addition the Turkey-made High Thread fastness threads are more robust and are 8.5x more durable than regular threads. The combination of this technology greatly enhances the quality and productivity of our quilting process. With the world’s cutting-edge assembly line, we output up to 1400 pieces/day. Our French large hook high-speed multi-needle quilting assembly line technology has a speed up to 1500-2000 RPM, which is 4 times the speed of the ordinary shuttle quilting machine and greatly improves working efficiency. We have the expertise and experience to develop quilts in various dimensions, weight, and designs— adapting to the demands of local and global markets.


After the quilting is complete, the quilts are cut into their respective dimensions by a high-speed cutting machine, then they go to binding. Our professional team of seamstresses handles the final binding process, assisted by large sewing machines with foot control pedals. Under their delicate hands and swift skilled techniques, the quilt fillings are sewn with their binding fabric prepared beforehand. Finally, the completed quilts are classified then packaged.


All our products are wrapped individually in plastic packaging utilizing fully automated machines. The products are sealed, lowering the risk of water damage, breakage and stains. For the exterior, we use a Japanese fiber cutting technology and anti-counterfeit hand carry design— thus creating a beautiful, safe, and user-friendly finishing touch.