Our Story

We come from Champion Wool Factory

Australian producer Champion Wool Factory created AusGolden as a direct-to-consumer offering. We wanted to combine our mix of modern technology & traditional craftsmanship with our passion for natural materials to transform your home to look & feel remarkable.


Australia’s vast grasslands and unique natural climate breed the best sheep in the world. Australia currently has more than 120 million sheep. Australia is ideal for sheep farming: the land is flat, the grasslands are vast, and there are few wild predators. There are a lot of Downs sheep varieties suitable for making wool quilts in Australia: including Poll Dorset, Aussiedown, Dorset Horn, South Down, Suffolk and so on. However, we insist on using 100% pure Poll Dorset wool from the best Australian organic farms, rather than the mixed wool commonly seen in the market. The fiber from this breed’s wool is the best available: the diameter of the fiber is between 25 and 30 microns while it’s length is up to 100-120mm. The curl, elasticity and loft of Poll Dorset downs wool are much higher than those of other downs wool of the same species, which can be thick but not heavy. Because sheep are viviparous, which makes it the best choice to fit for the most comfortable sleeping temperature for humans. Due to its dry nature, mites and other bacteria cannot survive on wool. The special horned fiber structure insulates you from static electricity. Natural animal protein fiber creates better moisture
absorption and air permeability.


We select wool from ethicallyraised sheep farmers. From shearing on the farm to sterilization all the way to quilting and binding, our wool undergoes numerous processes to become the final product. Sterilization includes 3 primary processes: scouring, carbonising, drying, as well as 12 complex environmental protection processes to obtain clean and high quality wool.

Rustic, Natural Design for Your Home

The production process includes 6 procedures: raw material, wool sterilizing, wool carding, quilting, binding and packaging before it reaches the hands of customers.


Besides integrating top-notch French quilting assembly with German carding machines, our patented AirSulation Technology™ evenly layers the wool allowing more air to be captured making the filling remarkably fluffy and light while our Double Layer Purification removes dust and other organic particles leaving our wool impeccably clean and pure. Our Turkey-made High Thread fastness threads are more robust and are 8.5x more durable than regular threads, which creates a no break-point 25,000 meters long fiber.


We believe that everyone deserves to sleep comfortably & freely—no dust, germs, artificial materials, moisture, and irritants—whatever gets in the way of what nature intended. The perfect night’s rest is not a luxury for the few.


We insist on nature—natural materials f rom natural farms. We believe in wool—it’s truly sustainable & beneficial to the earth. It comes from sheep who grow it from nothing but sunlight, water, and grass. We mix the best of traditional craftsmanship with cutting edge modern technology We integrate product development, design, production, & marketing all in-house.